No Sprays, Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers

SOOKE ORGANIC LAVENDER supplies premium CANADIAN GROWN LAVENDER & products to pamper & restore you. Bath Soaks & Teas, Soaps, Sachets, Eye Pillows, Lavender Neck Wraps & Lavender Essential Oil. Plus premium fragrant, locally grown 100% NATURAL long stem fresh & dried lavender flowers, buds, + dried rose petals. We're a small business with over 2000 lavender plants & 100+ fragrant rose bushes on 3 acres. Natural ingredients are hand harvested, earth friendly & sustainable. We offer VIBRANT COLOUR botanicals for WEDDINGS, retail shops, florists, grocery, hotel & home décor. Use our Ultra Blue dried lavender buds to create tinctures, infusions, natural perfume or bath, beauty & spa products of your own. Have a look to see how we can help you...

  • Organically Grown

    Our lavender flowers are of the highest caliber & are CANADIAN grown right here on Vancouver Island without the use of sprays, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Eco-friencly sustainable practices.

  • Lavender for Life

    Packaging is minimal, reusable & recyclable. Hand-harvesed lavender & roses just outside Victoria on Vancouver Island in Sooke, BC, Canada

  • Exceptional Raw Materials

    For decor, product creation, wedding flowers, healing benefits for body & soul our premium lavender flowers are naturally calming, anti viral & anti fungal

Our Story

Sooke Organic Lavender was founded by Jeff and Shelly Davis in 2018. Through a combination of hard work and visions of a productive future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, as well as the wildlife that dwells hand in hand with us, we strive to produce the very best lavender available while at the same time improving the soil that it is grown in. Only organic methods are employed and each plant is carefully tended and harvested by hand at the perfect time in order to capture it's desired qualities. Did you know that lavender harvested for dried flower bunches is cut at a different time of maturity than lavender that is harvested for it's oil?

2019 saw our first tiny plants go into the ground and the following summer we had our first harvest. The happy plants bloomed prolifically twice! And bees of all sorts, from the local bumble bees to our own honey bees absolutely loved the lavender and we often found them sleeping overnight right in the plants.... so heartwarming!

It has been a whirlwind of planning and landscape development and we are looking forward to a bright and fragrant future!

Habitat Conservation

Good for the earth...Good for the body!  The beauty of the location is what inspired us to protect and improve it. Flanked by year round creeks and ponds plus a major river on our east, we sit on a natural plateau. When we built here in 2011, the land had been stripped of all it's trees and soil. As an ancient river bed, we faced a moonscape of rocks and debris with no soil or vegetation.... but those views!...

We laboured to compost and build naturally to what it is today. Our goal is to enhance the environment and share the products and lifeforce of this natural bounty through thoughtful planting, sustainable practices and habitat conservation.

Our Lavender Fields

Teeming with life and vitality!  You need great raw materials to have a great finished product. Each lavender variety was cloned from pristine locally sourced stock. A microcosm of energetic life can now be found everywhere in our soil and landscape.