Collection: Botanical Bath Soak

What is a Botanical Bath Soak?

Also known as a bath sachet, tub tea or bath tea, it is a bath with a muslin bag containing your favourite flower blossoms that release their therapeutic benefits into a soothing aromatic experience.

Soak your body in nature's beautiful fragrances & health restoring active ingredients

  • Lavender helps calm your nerves & refreshes skin
  • Roses are renowned for their gentle moisturizing properties & they purify & tone the even the most sensitive skin
  • Epsom salts help restore magnesium as the body needs it & uses it to fight stress
  • The epsom salts will disolve leaving the lavender & rose petals to infuse your bath with their restorative properties
  • The essential oils will relax & uplift your mood.
  • Botanical ingredients are grown right here on our farm, hand-harvested & air dried at the perfect time to preserve fragrance & health properties
  • Locally grown, no sprays, pesticides, plastics or chemical fertilizers
  • Feel confident that our sustainable organic lavender and roses have a positive full circle environmental impact

Safe & Pure... Versatile & Simple… Our Products are a Delight for your Body & Senses

Restore Magnesium

According to studies, stress can
diminish magnesium levels, as the body needs it and uses it to fight stress.
Combined with the fact that we do not get enough magnesium in our diets or that
our digestive system absorption is impeded, Epsom salts could help this through
skin absorption. Baths also promote relaxation and a general sense of

Sore Muscle Relief

Epsom salts are perfect for soothing muscles that are tense & sore, especially after exercise. Recovery  is key when making good progress with a workout, so trying a therapeutic muscle soak, at least two or three times
a week, will really help.

Detoxing Properties

The sulphates in Epsom salts help
draw toxins & heavy metals from the body eliminating toxin build-up.

Anti-inflamitory Properties

Epsom salts and warm water can help
with pain caused by inflammation. Whether it be a sprain, strain, bruising or
any other minor injury.