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Sooke Organic Lavender

Lavender Buds & Rose Petals

Lavender Buds & Rose Petals

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Sweet Lavender & Rose Petals

  • create oil infusions for your own custom products
  • use for sachet refills or potpourri
  • for teas or baking, in culinary use, remember that a little goes a long way
  • use just enough to get a hint of lavender in your foods

Fragrant angustifolia lavender flowers combined with fragrant dried rose petals all grown on our farm without sprays, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Enough to refill our Luxurious Lavender & Rose Petal Sachet. 

1/2 litre by volume


  • Sweet English Lavender (angustifolia) & fragrant Rose Petals grown on our farm at Sooke Organic Lavender without sprays, pesticides or chemical fertilizers

How to Use

  • create your own sachet bags
  • create your own potpourri
  • create your own infusions


2 Cups by volume

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Renowned for Calming Energy, Lavender Helps to Rebalance Tired & Distorted Emotions

Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries for its wonderful aroma and myriad of benefits. Simple & pure, it encourages deep serenity & promotes bright moods.