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Sooke Organic Lavender

Lavender & Rose Petal Sachets

Lavender & Rose Petal Sachets

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Looking for a blissful sleep tonight? Try turning off your screens 2 hours before bed & using our luxurious Lavender & Rose Petal sachet. The relaxing scent of English Lavender & Roses will transport you to sweet dreams in no time. English Lavender flowers are known for their relaxing properties & have been used & cherished for centuries. To really unwind, try it in combination with one of our Lavender & Rose Bath Sachets & enjoy calm in the chaos...

Take Me to Dreamland!

  • ready for an unforgettable "scentsory" experience?
  • escape the everyday & let the fragrance take you to your happy place


    • Sweet English Lavender (angustifolia) & fragrant Rose Petals in a 5x7" satin sachet grown on our farm at Sooke Organic Lavender without sprays, pesticides or chemical fertilizers

    How to Use

    • Place on your forehead for stress relief
    • In the crook of your neck to induce sweet dreams
    • Tucked in your pillowcase for a restful sleep
    • As an eco-friendly wedding or party favor
    • In your bag/purse for a fresh squeeze of calm


    • large 13 x 18cm / 5x7" reusable satin sachet bag
    • 2 Cups by volume
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    Renowned for Calming Energy, Lavender Helps to Rebalance Tired & Distorted Emotions

    Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries for its wonderful aroma and myriad of benefits. Simple & pure, it encourages deep serenity & promotes bright moods.