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What is the Difference between English Lavender & French Lavender?

English Lavender

Lavendula Angustifolia
Angustifolias are the traditional English garden lavender varieties. They have narrow leaves, shorter stems with flower heads that are barrel shaped as opposed to spiky. Their fragrance is sweeter than their hybrid cousins the Lavandins (French), and because of this, their oil is coveted for aromatherapy & perfume. They bloom earlier in the year than the Lavandins. Their dried blossoms are used in cooking, crafting & cosmetics.

French Lavender

Lavendula x Intermedia
Also called Lavendin is a cross between angustifolia (English) lavender & Portuguese latifolia (Spike) Lavender. Spike lavender is referred to as French lavender since France is the largest producer. French lavender flowers are pointy spike shaped heads as opposed to barrel shaped & are much taller. It has similar health properties as English lavender but has a slightly stronger scent that’s sweet & tinged with notes of camphor & makes for a stimulating scent

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