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Sooke Organic Lavender

Lavender Filled Neck Wrap Purple Geode

Lavender Filled Neck Wrap Purple Geode

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Pamper yourself, relax and enter the quiet zone of your mind.
Breathe slowly and deeply... unwind to the peaceful aroma.

Use this beautifully covered neck wrap as a soothing heat pad or a cold compress. Apply to your back, shoulders or neck to relieve aches and to help alleviate sore, tired muscles.

Beautifully packaged with a wide organza ribbon the all-natural lavender and rice filling provides an amazing aromatherapy experience that enhances the heating/cooling benefit of the neck wrap. Soothe your body, mind & soul all at the same time!

Lavender Neck Wraps measure approximately a rectangular size of 6” x 24” & make a thoughtful handcrafted gift.

We use lavender grown, harvested & dried at our farm.

100% cotton removable cover can be laundered in cold water & hung to dry.


French Lavender grown on our farm at Sooke Organic Lavender without sprays, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Weighted with organic white rice which does not go rancid and has an almost infinite shelf life.

Hot / Warm Therapy

Heat in a microwave at 1 minute intervals to activate the stress relieving aromatherapy properties. Massage gently to release more fragrance.

Cold Therapy

Put your neck wrap in a zilplock bag & place in the freezer for about an hour or until needed. The bag will stay cold for approximately 30 minutes.


  • 15.2 x 61cm / 6 x 24"
  • 4.25 Cups by volume
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Renowned for Calming Energy, Lavender Helps to Rebalance Tired & Distorted Emotions

Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries for its wonderful aroma and myriad of benefits. Simple & pure, it encourages deep serenity & promotes bright moods.