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Sooke Organic Lavender

French Lavender Sachet Melon Ball

French Lavender Sachet Melon Ball

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Scent My Linens!

French Lavender! Unlike traditional English lavender flowers which promote relaxation, organic french lavender flowers’ slightly higher camphor content makes for a slightly stimulating scent. It too contains natural active ingredients linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor & cineol which are highly effective & known for their soothing & anti-inflammatory properties. You'll love it's invigorating scent gently infusing your linens & it is a natural way to keep things fresh & deter pests. A wonderful addition to your closet!


    French Lavender (lavendula x intermedia) grown on our farm at Sooke Organic Lavender without sprays, pesticides or chemical fertilizers

    How to Use

    • In a drawer or on a hanger to scent delicates/linens

    • In your car as a natural air freshener

    • In the dryer as a natural clothing freshener

    • In a sports or yoga bag to keep it fresh

    • In empty luggage to keep suitcases smelling fresh


    • medium size 10 x 15 cm / 4x6" reusable satin bag
    • 25ml / 1 Cup by volume
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    Renowned for Calming Energy, Lavender Helps to Rebalance Tired & Distorted Emotions

    Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries for its wonderful aroma and myriad of benefits. Simple & pure, it encourages deep serenity & promotes bright moods.